Saturday, February 12, 2011

In forced rest

This does not happen often, but this time, I caught a flu that forced me not to train since Sunday. A week without racing - it's a week too much.
Everyone in the office is sick, I was in bed for several days and even when I was back at work, I was not able to work properly. And I'm not alone.
But these others, they are not runners. I should, theoretically, have better immunity. One of my colleagues gave up his workouts when the temperature was -15, with the forecast of -20 ° C (a few weeks ago). I continued.
Then, the virus attacked me. And my colleague, who did not want to run at -20, well, he caught the same virus as me several days later.
I hope out of this torpor and start running early next week, but for now I do not feel ready. I am motivated, of course, but the body does not respond properly. I do not give up, anyway.

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