Monday, January 24, 2011

Run at -20°C

After 15 km Saturday (yes, a little less cold than today, but ...) and a mere 5 km yesterday, today I decided to brave the freezing cold (-21 ° C and the light wind removed a couple of Celsius).
I had many difficulties during my Saturday long run because I could not put my balaclava properly. When I put it to cover my nose, my glasses become unusable after a few seconds. So I lowered the balaclava under my mouth and inspired the cold air.
I wanted to buy ski goggles, but I did not find the model that can cover my glasses (OTG - over the glasses). Indeed, I found, but the foam was damaged and they did not want to give me a small discount.
Today - strategy change. I take off my glasses and put the balaclava completely. I don’t see well, but better than with frosted glasses. And I run ...
Full training. At -21 ° Celsius. I'll be ready for my first half marathon!

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