Monday, January 10, 2011

The importance of shopping your running shoes

My best shoes (a pair of New Balance 859) are near the end of their useful life, for the total distance of a thousand km. My other two pairs (NB 850) are at about 700 km, but I do not like them as much as NB 859. These shoes are, perhaps, lighter and more advanced (whatever it means) but I did not find them so comfortable.
So I decided to buy new shoes. New Balance, of course, because my feet have trouble with 
"standard" shoes .
So I turned to And, miracle, I found NB 859  at a ridiculous price of $ 47 U.S. + shipping. I ordered a pair for a total price of CAD $ 70 directly to my door. I received my new shoes in less than two weeks. When I bought them two years ago in Montreal, they costed 149 + taxes, more than $ 167.
Then I wanted to add another pair. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. So I ordered two pairs of NB 1224 at a cost of U.S. $ 85 + shipping or $ 114 CAD at my door and I received them less than a week later.
Finally, I bought two pairs of Adidas Salvation on sale on the site of Running Room, for $ 19.99 + tax, no shipping costs for delivery in the Running Room store in Montreal. I use them only for short training sessions and the lack of support does not bother me.
The next time you decide to buy running shoes, look first in the US because, despite the parity of our currencies, the shoes are much more expensive in Canada and you can not find last year models as in the U.S. Sometimes, on you can find the real gems almost for nothing. By the way, the NB 1224 two years ago were costing $ 189 + tx in all stores here. I have got two pairs for the price of one!
And with all those beautiful shoes, I have a different pair for each workout.
It was worth looking on the internet, isn't it?

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