Friday, January 21, 2011

This is serious :)

Yesterday evening, I officially registered for my first half marathon (Scotia Bank, April 17, 2011). It's a respectable distance - between a real marathon and shorter races, 5 and 10 km.
I hesitated a lot between 5 K and the half-marathon race, and finally decided to see if I can take a step forward.
Where is my endurance at the moment?
The basic training - it is already done. Six km on average each day, plus a long race weekend, between 10 and recently 12 km. I must now increase the mileage, especially the long run, and then add a little speed. This is not the same category as "long distance sprints", 5 and 10 K. However, I must accelerate.
I estimate a time between 1 hour 50 and 2 hours, but any result when will be my personal best. 
I could continue on 5 km, of course, and maybe even win a spot on the podium in my age group as I did last year. Moreover, the competition is not as fierce as on 21.1 km. But I decided to take the challenge - to try a half-marathon. It became the most popular distance in recent years. It's like the transition between the "weekend warriors" and more serious runners. But it is primarily a distance that requires of each athlete to give his maximum, both mentally and physically, without being as tough as a full marathon.
I hope the weather will cooperate a little bit more to allow me to be well prepared. Until now, it was not so bad. Do you have the taste of the challenge? Try the 5 km Bank of Nova Scotia on April 17 on Ile Ste-Helene. That's how I started four years ago.

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