Sunday, March 20, 2011

Test– 100% success!

For the first time, I ran this afternoon 21.1 km (according to my GPS). Actually, I did 22.1 km, with the first kilometer as a warm up, then I stopped my watch at 22.1 and continued into my cool-down.
Time - 2:03:40. I had great moments, but also those somewhat less pleasant (need to find a Wend's, which means I had to slow down.
So when I look at my chart, I see that my pace is well below 6:00 / km, apart from the moments preceding the break in the bathroom when I tried to keep pace, but without success. Otherwise I would have done my "half" under the two hours. But, well, it happens even to the best (what I'm not).
The experience is fantastic. With the fine weather, full of energy (one bar PowerBar and 3 gels - at 5,10 and 15 km), I made ​​one of the best races of my (brief) career as a runner . So if I continue to train properly, I know I am able to run effortlessly under 2 hours in about 4 weeks.

HR 21.1 20110320

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