Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not bad…at all

Let me say a few words about my long run on Sunday.
As the name indicates - it was a long run. Nineteen kilometers. It was a great mix – light jog, running near the anaerobic threshold, a small break between two accelerations ... for a total of 1:58, which is not so bad.
Today I made ​​a somewhat similar combination, but much shorter. "Only"12 km. But every day I feel more confident to face the distance of 21.1 km. With the good weather that arrives, my workouts will become more and more interesting. I already planned several races. Aside from my half-marathon in April, I would run 5 or 10 km of Spring Challenge (on May 7) and certainly 5km at Reha-Thon in Laval, on May 15.
I still did not decide how far I'll run at the Montreal Marathon. I hesitate between half and 10 km. A “tiny ten” is my favorite distance, but I'll see whether I’ll love the half.

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