Friday, March 21, 2008

Fit, in spite of the age

Another day, I read about Buster Martin, a 101 years old Brit who recently finished a half-marathon (the time is really not important) and is preparing for his first full marathon - London Marathon, in few weeks.

Almost every day I see in a gym men in their 70s, doing their workouts on a treadmill or with weights (not too big, to be honest, but anyway).

And finally - my source of inspiration since I started running - a phenomenon called Ed Whitlock. This Milton (Ontario) resident, born in 1931, is a real running machine and an exceptional motivator. Can you imagine - this man, record holder of 13 world records in different age categories, ran a full marathon (42,195 km, 26 miles 385 yards, use any unit of measure you like - it's veeery far)in less than three hours. At the age of 75! He runs between 2 and 3 hours every single day. What his heart looks like? I can imagine it as a well oiled (not because of the fat) and maintained pump that will function for many years to come. The idea is to do the workouts, stay fit and help out body to continue doing well even at the advanced age and preserving our physical and mental health - without using the drugs. We really don't need to stimulate the pharmaceutical industry. They are already too rich. Let's rather help ourselves to stay healthy at the age of 70,80, 90... years. I can't imagine myself running a full marathon in less than 3 hours at the age of 75 (like Ed Whitlock did), but running 5 or 10 K at the ago of 65 - why not? And after that, we'll see. It's already much better than most of the people around us do.

Ed Whitlock

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